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What is the difference between Webalizer and Google Analytics?

Here is a list of features and differences for each:

Google Analytics

  • Provides much more detailed analysis, but for web pages only
  • Gives browsing data about your website and website visitors to Google who then use it for their own purposes.
  • Only works on web pages, not documents, graphics, movies, etc.
  • Only works for browsers that support javascript. It does not work for:
    • bots,
    • browsers with javascript disabled for enhanced security,
    • browsers which do not support javascript (including many less-capable cellphones), and
    • anyone who has opted-out of GA by installing Google's Browser Opt-out Add-on.


  • Counts all traffic, including bots. The only exceptions are traffic originating from the Exware office (and optionally if configured, the client's office).
  • Not only tracks web pages, but also downloads, graphics, movies etc...

How do I get my site highly ranked on Google?

That's a tricky one. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an exact science as search engines all use different criteria that they keep updating and changing. However there are some best practices one should follow. You can find a useful list of tips by following this link.

One of the common best practice is to use relevant meta tags on your page, and ExSite does make it easy for you to edit your tags. Here is a brief tutorial on how to do so.

How do I track who's visiting my site? How many?

We recommend you sign up for a free service like Google Analytics. Once you've obtained an embed code from Google Analytics, it's very easy using ExSite to add it to your website.

Browser Concerns

Which browser should I be using? Do you recommend one?

Since Google Chrome appeared on the scene, the browser war has become more heated than ever. The result is that browsers are better than ever for the end user. Since ExSite will run under any browser, we don't necessarily recommend a particular one, but it might be a good idea for you to do a little research to pick the browser that is best for you.

Here is a list of all available browsers, how they are rated, and what features each one offers.

How do I make Internet Explorer remember my login/password?

By default a window should pop-up and prompt you if you want to remember the password or not.

If this window no longer comes up: From Internet Explorer menu at the top of the browser go to Tools -> Internet options -> Content -> AutoComplete and turn on the option to remember usernames and passwords.

I'm still using Internet Explorer 6.0. Is that a problem?

Exware Solutions has joined the world-wide movement to phase out usage of the old Internet Explorer 6 web browser. Newer browsers are faster, safer and provide a much better browsing experience. Even Microsoft is encouraging users to switch away from IE6, and the software giant has created a website www.ie6countdown.com to spread that message. In North America, IE6 usage is down to around 3% of all browsers, and falling.

Exware will continue to ensure that our client websites remain functional for IE6 users, however we are dropping IE6 from our list of fully supported browsers. This means that the look and feel of some websites may differ in IE6 compared with newer browser, and visual imperfections may be present due to IE6's more primitive feature set and lack of support for modern web standards.
This step forward will open the door for better website features in the future, while reducing development time. And as more and more users move away from IE6, support issues will be reduced.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support@exware.com.

Content Management System (CMS)

What is the difference between delete, disable and archive in the CMS?

Delete Page

Deleting a page removes it permanently from your site. Links to the URL will break, and it will no longer exist in the CMS. It will also delete any sub-menus under that page. No trace of the page will remain in the CMS. Any links to the page will fail and result in an error message (404).

Disable Page

Disabling a page removes it from your public website, and also hides it on your admin screens. Links to the URL will break. Use this when you want to thoroughly remove a page from your site, but do not want to delete the data, which might be useful to keep around. This does not automatically un-publish the page, so you should do that first if you also want links to the page to fail (404) and/or not show up in search engines.

Archive Page

This tells the system that you are not working on this page anymore. It disappears from your pages in your CMS tools, which helps to reduce clutter. You can find it under the "Archives" link in the Website Manager if you need to.

However, the page still exists in your website and continues to works normally. You do this because you don't want old links to break, and you want to keep the SEO that the page has earned.

This does not automatically remove the page from menus and site maps; to do that, you should also set the page visibility (located under configure page) to something appropriate such as hidden.

How do I get my text to wrap around images?

When you are using the editor, click on the image icon  =>  Insert Image  =>  Image Properties  =>  Alignment  => choose left, center or right. This will push the image to that side of the page, and the text will wrap around it.

I've pasted content into my page, but the results are not what I expected.

Are you posting from MS Word? If so, don't forget to use the Clear Formatting in the HTML Editor. Hightlighht the text that you just pasted on the page and then click on Clear Formatting. You can find a brief tutorial for it here.

I can't seem to centre content in the HTML Editor.

You need to make sure that all of your content falls under a certain "block" setting, whether it be "paragraph", "H1" or "H3" etc....

To change text into a block, select the text in question with the cursor, click on the "block" dropdown and select the setting. Once the text has been changed into a block, the centre alignment tool should work.

I've deleted a page by mistake? Have I lost it for good?

No. Any content deleted in ExSite goes into the Trash bin, where it can be recovered. The trash icon is located in the last row of the Control Panel. If for some reason you can't find your content in the Trash, every site using ExSite is backed up every night, so just give us a call and we can recover an older version of the site.

I'd like to add an interactive map of our location in our site. Is that possible?

Yes, it's actually very simple. All you need to do is obtain the "Embed Code" from the site you're using, and then using our Insert Snippet Tool, place it on your page. Here are a couple of links explaining how to obtain the Embed code for GoogleMaps and Bing Maps:

  1. GoogleMaps
  2. Bing Maps

The Insert Snippet Tool actually makes it easy for you to add a lot of interactive content from the web ie: YouTube, Google Docs etc. As long as you can obtain an Embed code, you can place it on your site.

How to insert Sound files or Video files onto your website:

Step 1: Get link to the file:

  1. If the file is uploaded on a third party site -- ie., YouTube, Sound Cloud, etc, -- you will go and get the embed code.
  2. If the file is on your computer, you must upload it to the system. Once uploaded in Document module, click Publish (located in Document Module menu). Hover over the document name and click "copy URL" (ie., you want to copy the document link so we can add to page -- see below)

Step 2: Now add to a web page:

  1. Create new web page or go to the web page you want to add this file
  2. Use "insert media" -- if you have embed code, paste it in the first tab. If you uploaded the file into the system, click on the "General" tab and paste the link you copied into the "Source" field. You can also set the size (Dimensions). We typically use 600 x 400.

Depending on the file size, it may take a bit to insert on to the page. You can then submit page and you will see it in Preview. Don't forget to Publish.

When do I make a page static versus dynamic?

This is determined based on what is going to be on your web page:

  • Static - all pages that contain simple content only i.e text, images, photo galleries.
  • Dynamic - all pages that are members-only or contain modules that need to update automatically i.e event calendar, event registrations, etc.

To edit these settings, go to My Website or Website Manager can click 'configure'.

eNewsletters / Email

I've started to receive a lot of spam in my email. How can I prevent that?

If your email address is listed on your site, then we can help. We have a special tool built for just this problem. The MailTo tool lets you add any clickable email address to your site, but hides it from any spambot that might pick it up and use it to send you spam.

For a brief tutorial on how to use it, follow this link: MailTo App.

Does Exware follow the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)?

Yes, all Canadian clients will receive our Email Distribution Module (Canadian version) which has new 'CASL-smart' features:

  • All emails sent from the system have an 'unsubscribe' link (as they always have) but it now includes the organization's contact info (CASL requirement). The text point size has been increased.
  • Member Profiles have an unsubscribe setting that the member and admins can edit (as it did in the past).
  • The Email Distribution module is 'CASL-smart' and will only send to people in the recipient list that meet CASL guidelines. The system will show admins a sent log of who it went to and who it didn't go to due to CASL and/or unsubscribes.
  • The Email Distribution module has a new tab (Subscribe) that allows admins to quickly subscribe/unsubscribe members and non-members. This automatically updates the member's 'I consent to receive communications' field.
  • Admins will be able to bypass the 'CASL-smart' tool by clicking a button that says it's a non-commercial email. NOTE: system will bring up a warning that it is admin's responsibility to ensure CASL laws are being followed (of course, it'll always exclude people that specifically unsubscribed).

How do I tell members to set up their email accounts so that it accept the email?

Every email system is different. The following 3rd party link has instructions for over 30 different systems. However, Exware cannot warrant its accuracy.

How do I create a newsletter or send out HTML emails?

We now integrate with MailChimp & Constant Contact. These programs are designed to help you easily create & send newsletters.

With integration:

  • your mailing lists will never be out of sync with your Exware AMS database/system.
  • new members are automatically added to your mailing lists and archived/unsubscribed members are automatically removed.
  • you can use Exware's Report Builder to create any member/contact list and synchronize it with MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Everything is automated so you spend less time updating lists and more time interacting with your members!

NOTE: You must sign-up to one of these services in order to use.


How can I show "Who's Coming" to our events?

If you want to include a list of 'Who's Coming' on your event details page, you must:

Step 1: Create a new page using the My Website module - configure the page to hidden
You then want to add a title to the page and some intro text. Use the "insert app" tool, select Event Reg and you will see a drop down with the 'Who's Coming' list for your event.
Select it and insert. Save and preview page.

Step 2: You can now go back into your Event Calendar, find this event and add a link to this page in your Event Description.

What is shown:

  • The default view of the 'Who's Coming' list will show everyone registered for your event.
    • The default columns that appear are: registrant name, registration type (fee)
    • The registrants are sorted by (default): last name, but grouped by fee (ie. fee #1 sorted by last name, then fee #2 sorted by last name, etc)
  • To change what columns are showing and/or the order, contact Exware.
  • Possible customizations include:
    • we can restrict the list of fees that are included
    • we can sort by name instead of grouping by fee
    • we can include any answers given on their registration form, such as company/organization

How do I add activities to my event?

An activity is an event within another event. For example:

  • A seminar within a conference.
  • A competition within a tournament.
  • A breakout session within a meeting.

Activities are normally not shown separately on calendar views, but are displayed once the user visits the main event. Other than that, they have all the features of regular events, including their own iCal reminders, their own registration, and so on.

To create an activity, visit the main event, and select the add activity button. Then proceed as if setting up a new event. In the administration tools, the activity will appear as its own event, which can be managed using all of the same tools as the main event.


How do I edit the event details?

Go the Event Calendar Module

Select the new event that you would like to update.

  1. Click on the event details tab
  2. Edit the page body, just as if you were going to enter free-form web page text.
  3. If you are copying any content from Word or another editor click the "Clear formatting" icon in the editor. This will remove any styles which may interfere with your site's stylesheet.
  4. Select Submit

The details of the event will now be visible via the Event Calendar.

My event is the same as last year. How do I copy it?

Go to the Event Calendar module and click on an existing event you want to copy. Use the copy tool in the menu to duplicate an existing event.
  • You will need to enter the new event start date
  • The system will copy the following data to the new event:
    • event detail information
    • contacts
    • fees
    • activities
    • merchandise
    • location/venue
    • sponsor packages
    • email notification
    • emails and filters
  • By default, a cloned event is set to Inactive.
  • You can now edit the event details after it has been copied by selecting edit details in the top menu.
  • Once the new event has been updated, you can select registrations to update and change the fees and fee types.

How can I add comps to my event?

Comps are complimentary/no-cost registrations that are included with certain fees. Typically these are used for corporate, group, or sponsor registrations. For example, a $1000 company registration might include 4 comp individual registrations.

To setup comps, click on the fees button in the toolbar, and select the group fee that should include the comps. The next screen will display the fee details, and include a "comps" button in its toolbar.

  • First, edit the fee, and check off the option "includes complimentary registrations".
  • Next, click the "comps" tool, and describe the comps:
    The number of comps is the number of comp tickets that will be available to the group registrant. For example, if registering a golf team of four players, enter "4" in this field.
  • Set the "Equivalent to" field to the type of registrant that the comps should be treated as. For example, if this is a golf team registration, then each comp should be treated as equivalent to an individual golfer.
  • Note that you can set a price for the comps here. Normally a complimentary registration is free, so the price is preset to $0.00. However, if you want to use the comp function to add paid fees, you can set the price of each "comp" ticket here.
  • You can add more comps, if you need more of a different type.

To comp someone into a fee that normally has a cost, go here.

Comp Registration Forms

The registration form will automatically be extended to prompt for the complimentary registrant names. The registrant will also be able to check off which comps they are accepting. (For example, if they get 4 comps, but only intend to use 2, they can uncheck their unused comps.)

The complimentary registrations are added to the invoice, but at a cost of $0, unless you have explicitly specified a cost for the comp.

Experts: If you need to customize the registration form, you can use the following special merge fields in your custom form template:

  • [[comp_F_C:input]] - the checkbox to select the comp
  • [[comp_F_C_first_name:input]] - the given name of the comp registrant
  • [[comp_F_C_last_name:input]] - the surname of the comp registrant

In these merge codes, F is the Fee ID of the comp, and C is the comp number, which goes from 1 to the number of comps allowed. You can also add ...:prompt merge fields if you need them.

How do I create an Event Fee with no taxes?

Tax rules are 'tied' to the accounting code that you use.

When creating event fees, it defaults to the event accounting code which has tax rules applied.

What you can do is change the accounting code of a fee to use "other" which has no tax.

To do this:

  • go to Event Reg, click into your event
  • click on FEE and then click on name of your fee -- it's a hotlink
  • click on Preferences and now you can change the accounting code this FEE is 'tied' to.
  • click submit

Do a test registration all the way through the checkout process to confirm that taxes aren't being charged.

Advanced Event Registration Setup

Why isn't my credit card being accepted?

There are many reasons the payment gateway could refuse to accept a credit card. Unfortunately, this is a private matter between the purchaser and their credit card company, so there is not much you can do about it. If they cannot get their credit card to go through, and they have no other credit cards, then their only option is to pay by invoice.

To avoid them needing to go through registration and checkout again, you can find their failed purchase by looking up up their account in the Pay module, selecting All transactions from the toolbar (which will include failed purchases in the account statement), and selecting the unpaid invoice. Then you can set the invoice to “active” and arrange an alternative method of payment. When you record the payment, check off Perform final processing of sale to make sure the receipt goes out and the registrations are confirmed.

Why am I in the system multiple times?

If a user starts over, it will remember their previous attempts for a short time. Their 2nd attempt will be tagged with a “#2”, their third with a “#3” and so on. This is done to make sure their re-tries do not get confused with their originals. (They could have both registration sessions going simultaneously in different browser windows, for instance.)

However, only one set of registrations will be accepted in the end—the one they actually check out and pay for. In other words, the registrations that are actually in their shopping cart are the ones that will be processed. The other attempts can be safely ignored. Once the registration system is certain that the user has truly abandoned their earlier registration attempts (this may take a day), it will stop showing them. If the user is confused by all their previous attempts showing up on screen, they can wait 24 hours before re-trying.

If a user accidentally registers twice for something, and both registrations are in their shopping cart, they can simply delete the redundant one from the cart. If they neglect to do this, and actually pay for the duplicate registration, then you can cancel the redundant registration (from the roster, click the registration # and then click the cancel button), and then click on the account name to jump to the Payments module where the redundant registration can be refunded.

If a user actually completes the registration process multiple times from start to finish, then they will end up in the roster several times, and have multiple invoices owing. The usual solution here is to cancel the redundant registrations (from the roster, click the registration # and then click the cancel button), and then click on the account name to jump to the Payments module where the redundant invoice can also be canceled (or refunded, if necessary).

How can I get a special discount or comp?

If you have not setup any special fees or coupon codes for this, instruct the user to pay by invoice. If the registration is being completely compʼd, you can manually confirm the registrations (go to the roster, click on the registration # in the leftmost column, and click the confirm button), and manually cancel the invoice in the Payments module.

If paying by invoice is not an option, have the user proceed through checkout, but stop when it is time to pay by credit card. Then you can proceed as above. Select include inactive registrations in the roster options to find their incomplete registration, and activate the main registration there. You may not need to do anything to the invoice, since it will not be active to start with in this case.

If they only get a partial discount, then you can edit their invoice using the Point of Sale module, and resend it to them. Do not edit paid invoices, however: it can create untraceable problems in your financial audit history. If they paid their invoice by credit card, but want a discount after the fact, then best practice is to do a separate refund transaction after the fact.

Can you cancel my registration?

Cancelling registrations is easy. Go to the roster, and click on the registration # in the leftmost column. Click the cancel button. This will also automatically cancel any activities under it. (If you are only cancelling an activity registration, it does not affect the main registration or other activities.)

Note that this does not issue any refunds for the cancelled registration. Whether or not you need to do this depends on your cancellation policy. If a full refund is in order, you can go to the Payments module, visit the invoice in question, and use the refund tool to issue the refund. If a partial refund (or refund less an admin fee) is required, then you may need to put together a custom invoice using the Point of Sale module.

I forgot to register for an important activity! How can I be added?

There are a few tricks to allow additions to oneʼs registration package after registration has been completed.

  1. The administrator can force-register people into activities using the register tool on the administrator control panel. If the activity requires payment, you can tie this registration to the userʼs original account when going through checkout. Members can use their account management tools on the website to pay this by e-commerce. Non-members will need to submit payment another way.
  2. If you have a free top-level registration fee for comps, you can use this to get past the main fee and register for new activities. Then when someone needs to come back to add registrations, you can give them the comp link and password to bypass the main fee, and they can do it themselves. (Note that this option does not work well if there is a registration limit on the main event, since the new registrations are treated like a whole new registrant.) If the comp fee does not work (for instance, because it also comps the activities), then set up an additional comp-like fee that only comps the main fee and not the activities.
  3. You can setup a special “Add to registrations” page on your site for self-serve additions to their registration choices. Insert the EvtReg module onto the page, and choose the “Add to registrations” option. When members visit this page, the system will look up upcoming events that they have registrations in, and allow them to resume their registration session to add new choices. Note that this feature only works for logged-in members and guests.

How can I change my meal choice! (or other registration form question)

Find the registrant in the roster, and click on their response #. This brings up their registration form answers. Click on “edit” to make changes.

Can I transfer my registration to another person?

This can be as simple as changing the registrant name in the roster. Find the registrant in the roster, and click on their registration #. Click configure to change their name. You may need to do this for multiple activities if numerous ones are being transferred. You can optionally edit the registration form responses as well, as per the previous question.

Where can I find more information about advanced event registration?

You can read more in the Advanced Event Registration Setup guide (PDF).

Membership Management

How to move invoices from one member to another?

If an invoice was issued to the wrong account:

  • find the invoice in the Payment module
  • click "change account" and reassign it to the correct account #
  • you can search by name here if you don't already know the correct account # (you can also find account # by going into the members 'My Account' -- it's the number in the left hand black/grey bar)

If an entire account was reassigned to a member, but they already have an account, then they will have 2 accounts. Get rid of one of them.

  • find the new/wrong account in the Payment module
  • click "change account name/ID"
  • un-set the "member" field to disconnect it from the member account
  • any remaining invoices on this account can be moved onto the correct account using the previous procedure

How to add Tax Exempt# for a Member

  • go to Payment Module and search for the member
  • click into them
  • click on 'Change account name/ID'
  • put in their tax exemption number in the field

All purchases made by this person will be tax exempt.
NOTE: you must add this tax exemption # for each person in this organization so their purchases are tax exempt as well.

Payments & Shopping Cart

How to bypass system Tax Rules and add your own:

  • go to Point of Sale module and search for the invoice you want to customize
  • open sale
  • add item
    • call it GST, HST or whatever tax you are adding and put in the amount
    • for accounting code, select TAX
    • for surcharge, select the Tax label (you'll see multiple of each type, pick any one)

Doing this manually adds the tax you want and tells the system not to follow the normal tax rules

  • finish sale
  • invoice should now have the specific tax you added.

Images / Multi Media

How do I know which size to select when uploading my images?

When you upload image files into your albums, you will be given an option to scale them. This is useful if your images have not been prepped for display in a web page, because original images are often much too high resolution for web pages. If your images have come directly from a digital camera, scanner, or other high-resolution source, it would be a good idea to scale the image when you upload it. There are six options:

  • Small - useful for logos and other small graphics.
  • Medium - useful for images that are inlined into text or mixed with other content.
  • Large - useful for images that stand alone on the page.
  • X-Large - a higher-resolution version of "Large", which is good for higher-resolution photo galleries.
  • Custom - if you know how many pixels across in the largest dimension your image should be, select this option.
  • Do not scale - if your image was prepared for the web in advance and is already the correct size, choose this option.

If you are not sure, there is usually no harm in selecting the most appropriate option. If the image already meets that size criteria, it will not be modified.

How do I add a YouTube video to my site?

ExSite makes it really simple for you to add a YouTube video. Our WYSIWIG editor includes a Snippet tool which makes it very easy for you to add an "Embed" code which you can obtain from YouTube. For more information, watch this tutorial.

Why don't my images show up?

First, make sure that you have published the library that you imported the image(s) into. Images can be in CMYK or RGB color space format. You can get more information on color spaces by clicking here.

Normally web images are saved with RBG color space and images meant for offset printing are saved with CMYK color space. Some systems only support RGB color space images, not CMYK images so you need to convert your image(s) to RGB format in this case.

  • To determine an image's color space go to: regex.info/exif.cgi
  • To convert an image from CMYK to the RGB color space you can use this free online tool: www.pixlr.com/editor/
    • Just open your image and save it as .jpg - this will automatically save it in RGB color space.

Zines and other Modules

Why can one admin access/edit a Zine but another admin can't see it?

Each Zine can have it's own 'owner' so that no other admins can edit it. If you want all admins to see/edit your website zines, make sure it doesn't have an 'owner' set.  To do this,

  • click on the Zine icon
  • click on the zine and then configure it
  • you'll see an Owner field. Make sure this is blank.
  • submit your change

Why isn't my News item showing on my site?

When posting items to the Zine Module, you sometimes need to republish your site before your new item will be posted on your website.

If the zines shows up on a dynamic page, your new posts will automatically appear. If the zine is on a static page (ie., News that is displayed on the home page), it won't appear until you've republished the site.
How do I know a static page from a dynamic page? You can tell static page from dynamic page by the URL. Static pages are friendly page names with .html; dynamic pages have the cgi code in them.

Why is my RSS feed not working in Google Chrome?

Firefox and IE have built-in RSS readers, but Chrome doesn't. You need to download an Add-On in Chrome to be able to read a feed.

How to set-up an Election?

Step 1: Setting up an Election:

  • click into Poll Module
  • click 'add new' or edit an existing Poll
    • you want to set the Result Type to election - this restricts voting to one per member; it also makes the voting anonymous -- admins can't (easily) see who voted for whom.
    • you can add date range and check off who can vote (specific member type; members in specific regions/chapters, etc.)

Step 2: Create new page and add your Election to it:

  • click on My Website and add new page; configure the new page - make it visible and put it under the Member Menu (make this the parent page)
  • you then edit this page by adding your Election heading and some into text
    • use the "insert web app" tool in the editor and select POLL from dropdown list; you will then be able to select the POLL you created
    • submit and preview page
    • if it looks good, publish site

You can only have one Election per page.  If you have several Elections, create a new member page for each election. Then create a page called Elections. You can then add links to each specific election page.

How do I customize a Blog or 'What's New' url?

Go into the e-Zine or Blog module, click into the zine/blog where your article is.

  • Click into the article and scroll down to the bottom and click "configure".
  • The “Name for URL” field controls how it displays in the URL. Submit/save change.
  • Publish site.

How do I customize a Blog or 'What's New' image/thumbnail?

Go into the e-Zine or Blog module, click into the zine/blog where your article is.

  • Click into the article and scroll down to the bottom and click "configure".
  • The “Picture” and “Thumbnail” fields control the main picture and the thumbnail, respectively.
    • If you update just the picture, it will automatically change the thumbnail to match.
    • If you update just the thumbnail, it will leave the main picture unchanged.
  • So, to change just the thumbnail, either upload both images; or upload the new picture, and then go through a 2nd time and fix the thumbnail only.
  • Once you've made the changes and submitted/saved them, you must re-publish the website to take them live.