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9. Administrator Registrations

Your event staff can register on behalf of people who cannot register themselves. There
are a few methods you can use:
1. Go to the website front-end and register as a regular user would. This will allow the admin to proceed through e-commerce payments in the same way that regular registrants to. WARNING: pay attention to who you are logged in as when you do this, since the system assumes you are that person and will connect the sale to that person’s account.
     1.1.  If registering for a non-member, best practice is to register as a member of the public. Log out from your admin account first, or use a different browser that you are not logged in from.
     1.2. If you discover you are logged in as a user after you have already started registration, then the checkout screen will give you an option to change accounts so that it does not get recorded against your login account.
     1.3. For members, you can use the Membership Management tools to login as that member first. Then proceed through registration to have the registration and payment automatically tied to that member’s account. (This logs you out as the administrator, so you will need to log back in to resume working on the event.)
2. From the administrator back-end, use the register tool to enter registrations. This allows you to access various fees that may not be accessible from the front-end, including admin-only fees, hidden fees, and closed fees. When you are done selecting your registrations, you have a few options for wrapping up:
     2.1. Go through checkout. This is the most complete option, since it allows for invoicing, payment, and setting up contact records that will include the registrant on contact lists. When you check out, it will look for account names that match your main registrant, and allow you to select the account to tie these registrations to. (The accounts that are tied to memberships are indicated, and are usually preferred over other accounts under the same name that might have been setup without logging in first.) The location of the account holder is also shown to help you distinguish between accounts with similar names. If you cannot find the right account in this list, you can always specify the account number exactly. (Account numbers can be looked up in the Membership and Payment modules.)
     2.2. Skip checkout, and comp the registrant straight onto the roster. This is a shortcut that bypasses all of the extra steps above, and simply puts the name onto the roster. Use the COMP ALL link to comp the complete registration, but you can optionally comp individual items if you need to pick and choose.
     2.3. None of the above. This leaves the registrations in the system in an incomplete state. You can always find them later by including incomplete registrations in the roster, and confirm them manually at that time.
See also the FAQ for “Can you add me to X?”