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10. Badges

Name badges are a common feature of many conferences. To construct name badges,
you need to extract the data from your roster that will go onto your badges, and then
use Office software to merge them into a badge template that works with your selected
badge stationery. In some cases, this may mean exporting your roster, and then
selecting/editing the rows/columns that should be used for making badges.

The Registration Reports module provides a simple Badge Report that may simplify
this process for you. It searches your roster for information that is useful for badges, and
exports that simplified report. It will automatically determine the following:
  • Registrant Name
  • Registration Type (eg. member, exhibitor, sponsor, etc.)
  • Country and City the registrant is from
If your registration forms are built with badges in mind, you can easily add useful
information to the badge report, simply by including questions on your forms with the
following short codes:
  • badge_name - will be used preferentially over the Registrant Name
  • honorific - eg. Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.
  • organization - company or association name
  • title - job title or description
  • credentials - any professional designations or credentials that might be relevant
  • badge_info - any other information you might want to collect can be entered into a field
    with this name
Note that you can edit/clean up these fields simply by editing their responses from the