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Password Best Practices (Article)
The biggest security hole on your website is your login form.  If you allow weak passwords, then it does not require special hacker tricks to break in to your website - a simple password guessing program... (posted 11:31 AM, December 2, 2009)

Setting up a secure website with SSL (Article)
It is easy to run ExSite on a secure server. This document explains some of the setup issues you may need to understand. (It only covers configuration of ExSite; you will need to consult other documentation... (posted 5:21 PM, January 2, 2009)

Security Issues (Article)
We are often asked, "Is ExSite secure? Can hackers break in?"  It is normal for people to want to know that their website and data are secure from theft or vandalism, but the subject of security is much... (posted 7:46 PM, November 14, 2008)