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pencils.jpgIs it time to Refresh your website design?

Keeping your website fresh and current is easy with the Exware Content Management System.

The Exware Content Management System allows you to easily update your website design without having to rebuild your website from scratch. During the redesign process,  We will incorporate the latest modules and tools to ensure your website is current and using the latest website features & functionality.

How do you know when your website design needs to be refreshed?
  • your site is not responsive meaning it doesn't automatically reformat based on the device being used by the visitor
  • you've updated your organization's brand/identity
  • your site has become cluttered and less organized over the years
  • you are admiring 'hot' new websites, and wondering how much it would take to update yours
  • your older site is looking stale compared to some of the new kids on the block
  • you want to incorporate social networking widgets, polls, and other interactive tools
  • you want to add animation for increased visual appeal
This package includes a content review and update.

Four Steps to a New Website