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12. Testing

  1. Administrator registrations: use the register tool to force-register yourself into registration fees that are not open yet. This lets you review the forms, fees, and the auxiliary fees/activities that will be offered to the registrant. You can test any fees, including late fees and ones that will not be open for some time. However, the administrator registration process is not exactly the same as the public registration process; for instance it does not allow for credit-card e-commerce, and it does not include merchandise sales.
  2. Public registrations: If you have open fees, you can test directly from the public calendar. These tests will include merchandise, e-commerce, website styling, and translations. However, the public site will only offer fees that are open. If you do not want the public to register during this testing period, you should hide the event from
    your calendar listings so that the public will not see it. (Administrators can still see hidden events.)
  3. Public registrations on unopened fees: if you want to test a fee that is not available on the public site fee listing, go to your fee listing in the control panel, and use the link button to jump to the public side.
After performing your tests, you may have a lot of junk registration data in your roster and your accounting system. To clear this test data:
  1. Click on the account name in the roster; this will take you to the Payments module. From here, cancel the invoices that contain the test registrations, and also cancel any test payments that were recorded on them.
  2. Click on the registration ID in the roster. If this is genuine junk or test data, you can delete it from here. Bad registrations from real users should be cancelled instead, since that keeps a better audit trail of your website activity.