Step 1: Setting up an Election:

  • click into Poll Module
  • click 'add new' or edit an existing Poll
    • you want to set the Result Type to election - this restricts voting to one per member; it also makes the voting anonymous -- admins can't (easily) see who voted for whom.
    • you can add date range and check off who can vote (specific member type; members in specific regions/chapters, etc.)

Step 2: Create new page and add your Election to it:

  • click on My Website and add new page; configure the new page - make it visible and put it under the Member Menu (make this the parent page)
  • you then edit this page by adding your Election heading and some into text
    • use the "insert web app" tool in the editor and select POLL from dropdown list; you will then be able to select the POLL you created
    • submit and preview page
    • if it looks good, publish site
You can only have one Election per page.  If you have several Elections, create a new member page for each election. Then create a page called Elections. You can then add links to each specific election page