Version 3.8.3 of ExSite was placed into the downloads area today. New features in this release:
  • new admin interface look-and-feel
  • more configurable webtop: default section; more categories (Social, Events, E-commerce)
  • datepicker integration
  • alias pages allow for placing pages in several parts of your site map
  • new anti-robot tools
  • bad URL handling
  • search index improvements
  • improved captcha refresh
  • higher performance dynamic pages
The following plug-ins have important updates as well:
  • Event Calendar: improved iCal support; combine calendars; copy events
  • Event Registration: tools for managing conference sessions, classes, and overlapping activities; conference fee setup wizard; conference merchandise sales; customizable notifications
  • Address Book: new tools for uploading and managing contact lists; upload members, accounts
  • Tags: RSS feeds for each keyword
  • Meta: customize your metadata
  • E-Zines & Blogs: combined RSS feeds for recent posts, combined zines; cross-posting to multiple zines
  • Web Forms: filter responses by dates and answers given
Download it now from the downloads area!