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All-purpose simple RSS feed generator.


Create the feed (the channel descriptors are accepted without validation, so you must ensure they are correct):

    my $rss = new ExSite::RSS(title=>"My Feed",description=>"foo",link=>"";);

You can also specify channel descriptors separately. This is slightly better, because the parameters are validated and made XML-friendly.

    my $rss = new ExSite::RSS;
    $rss->title("My Feed");

Add items to the feed. The parameters are title, description, link.

    $rss->item("1st Title","1st description","";);
    $rss->item("2nd Title","2nd description","";);
    $rss->item("3rd Title","3rd description","";);

Output the feed:

    print $rss->write;

Clear the feed so you can start over: