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To-Do List

This plug-in asks all of the other plug-ins on the system if they have any outstanding work that needs to be attended to by the current user. If there are any jobs that need attention, they are formatted as a list of links, with brief descriptions.

To attend to one of these jobs, simply follow its link. This will pop up a new window for that job. When you are finished attending to this job, simply close the window. Then you can move to the next item in the to-do list.

Refresh the To-Do list window (or hit its green home button), to refresh the list.

Not all plug-ins announce their to-do items in this way. If a plug-in does not support this To-Do list feature, then its jobs will not appear in this list, and you will have to manage them in some other way.

Examples of tasks that will appear in here are:

  • Pages that haven't been published
  • System messages that haven't been translated
  • Members with pending or expired memberships


google (5 items)
RSS (3 items)
SEO (3 items)
plug-in modules (28 items)
IT (9 items)
best practices (5 items)
visual tutorial (29 items)
security (3 items)
data handling (7 items)
fundamentals (3 items)
graphic design (19 items)
web protocols (9 items)
programming (48 items)
html formatting (7 items)
POD (32 items)
events (8 items)