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What kinds of websites can be managed with ExSite WebWare

What Kind of Sites can be Managed with ExSite?

ExSite is used by non-profits and NGOs, small and medium-sized businesses, universities, amateur and professional sporting organizations, professional associations, and private individuals.  It is an extremely versatile system that, due to its extensible plug-in architecture, is well-suited to a wide range of applications.  It works for very simple sites (using just the built-in CMS tools to simplify site maintenance), as well as very complex ones (with suites of custom-built plug-in applications).

One of ExSite's great strengths is in sharing common resources (content, graphics, applications) between multiple web sites.  If your organization has multiple departments, branches, or autonomous affiliates, you can provide them with templates, graphics, data, and web applications, and yet give them the power to maintain their own web pages and content.  For example:
  • Different departments can control their content directly, without risk of damanging the overall integrity of the web site and design.
  • Affiliates can have direct control over their web presence, while you provide them with the key web services they are passing on to their users.
  • Franchisors can control the presentation of their brand, without restricting the ability of the franchisee to customize their pages and content.
  • You can "private-brand" your web services, allowing clients to easily "skin" your services and present them as their own.

Examples Demo Site

We use this simple site to give tours and demonstrations of the basic CMS tools.  It provides a quick overview of the basic system features.

 Check it out!

Exware Solutions

This is a typical corporate site, with a fair amount of attention paid to graphic design, and a collection of basic plugins to handle articles management, downloads, and data collection.  It uses some Flash and DHTML, especially in the menus and the front-page slideshow, and includes Google Maps, some anti-spam measures, and some SEO features.  This site runs using our basic level of service at, so it is a good example of what can be done at the lowest level of service and support.

 Check it out!

ExSite Support Site

You're looking at it!  This is an example of a community site, with member-only services, and a user community who can contiribute to the site.  It makes heavy use of e-Zines and article management for its documenation archives and forums.

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This is a good example of an ASP system that resells web-based tools and services under privately-branded sites.  Each website that you create at is an example of a private-branded site that can present the tools and services offered by the main system to its own audience.  The main system provides preconfigured services (plug-ins), content (model sites), and designs (basic templates) that can be combined to spin off a completely enabled website in a few minutes.

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