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Billing Adjustments
A surcharge is an adjustment to the total of an invoice, whether positive (add-on cost) or negative (discount)...
Web Forms
The Web Forms plug-in allows you to create, edit, and publish forms on your website, and use them to collect data for various purposes, including but not limited to: Responses can be saved to the database and/or emailed to a list of addresses...
Forums are places where your website visitors can engage in discussions on topics of their choosing...
Financial Reports
The Financial Reports module allows you to generate summary reports of your e-commerce activity...
Classifieds Module
The Classified Module allows members to post listings to each other and/or the public. Classified postings can be pre-approved by admin via moderation or posted immediately. Postings remain visible for 30 days.
Advertising Module
For each banner ad(w/ tracking turned on), the module will track: Once the banner ad budget has been used, the system will automatically disable the ad. The system will automatically send an email notification to the system administrator.
Login Module
This plug-in provides a number of convenience tools for managing login state...
Survey Module
The Survey Module lets you add forms and survey pages to your website which users can fill out...
Publish Module
The Publish Module gives you a shortcut to the Publishing tool if you are outside of the My Website Module and/or Website Manager Module. Simply click on the Publish Module icon, and then select the area of the website you would like to publish. Click on the appropriate icon and the area will be published.
Event Manager
The ExSiteâ„¢ Event Manager assists you in promoting and managing your event online...
Membership Module
*Active, Pending and Comp members will automatically show up in the Member Directory unless the member has select "hidden" from the visibility drop down...
RSS Feed Module
The RSS Feed Module allows you to easily an external RSS feed to your website, giving you an quick and easy way of providing your visitors with useful information and keeping your website current...
Home Page Module
The Home Page Module provides you with a quick way of accessing the home page of your website in a new window.
Calendar Module
The Event Calendar allows you to quickly add a calendar to your website...
Members Module
The ExSite member manager tool allows you to create, modify, and delete member accounts for logging in to the members-only areas of your website...
The Trash bin provides temporary storage of deleted data...
Webalizer Module
The Webalizer is a fast web server log file analysis program...
To-Do List
This plug-in asks all of the other plug-ins on the system if they have any outstanding work that needs to be attended to by the current user...
System Messages Module
This plug-in module allows the system administrator to customize system messages that are printed out by various components and plug-ins...
Menus Module
The Menus Module provides an easy drag-and-drop interface for configuring your menus.  Pages are set up in a hierarchical structure, allowing you to group pages by topic.  The drag-and-drop interface allows you to: This interface is just a convenient UI for changing the parent_id and page_rank parameters of each page. 
Payment Module
The Payments module provides a general-purpose interface to your accounting system...
Catalog Module
Product Back 1...
Zine Module
The Zine Module is an application for creating and managing (e-)Zines...
Website Manager Module
The website manager is the application that is used for: This document serves as a guide to the various site editing features contained within the Website Manager...
My Website Module
My Website is a web application that gives you a simple and friendly way to manage your website content...
Photo Albums
The ExSite Photo Album tool allows you to easily manage and update albums of images...
Email Module
The email notifications tool allows you to broadcast e-mail messages to all members of your website...
Documents Module
The ExSite document manager tool allows you to create, modify, and delete documents in a document library on your website(s)...


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