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Handling URIs/URLs
All-purpose simple RSS feed generator...
Basic Element Creation HTML tag shortcuts Cumulative Document Composition Compound Element Creation XML and XHTML This is a toolkit of convenience methods for generating tags and elements in an SGML-like markup language...
Path Info Raw Input Data Input Order Notes Input from the client typically comes in 3 ways: To begin working with inputs of any of these types, declare an Input object to work with: my $in = new ExSite::Input; Input is returned as a hash reference of parameters names => values...
ExSite::Cookie manages your cookie jar, which is a hash (%cookie) of your cookie names => cookie values...
Form Validation Form Construction make_form_buttons() edit($table,$record,$hide,$show,$extra) append($table,$record,$hide,$show,$extra) search_query($table,$hide,$show,$extra) input_record($opt) - make labels and input tags for a whole record...
Reporting Data Values Reporting Records report_row() - display a single row in verbose format report_db() - display top-level database view report_relational() - displays records and their relations report_links() - show DB ops links in a report link() - generate a single db ops link helplink() - display help tops for DB fields Bulk Data Imports and Exports The Report class inherits from the DB and Auth classes, and is in turn inherited by the Form class...
Retrieving Data Removing Records Deleting Records Modifying Data Record Ownership Query Library Sorting The DB class is a wrapper class for one of the db driver classes...
Internal and non-standard methods The SQL class serves as a glue layer between ExSite::DB and the Perl DBI classes...


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