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System Requirements
ExSite runs best on a LAMP server: The following Perl modules are used by ExSite, and should either be installed in the system Perl libraries, or in subdirectories of the website's cgi-bin...
Glossary of Terms
ExSite documentation and code makes regular use of the terms that are defined below...
Session Management
Session Management gives the developer a tool for maintaining state or caching useful user-specific data across different page requests...
Setting up a secure website with SSL
It is easy to run ExSite on a secure server...
Data Persistence
Because HTTP is a stateless protocol, the normal behaviour of websites is to forget everything about a visitor after a page has been served...
Security Issues
We are often asked, "Is ExSite secure...
Kill Switches
A kill switch is a fast and convenient way to turn a system off...
Quick Installation Guide
This document describes how to quickly install ExSite Webware on a webserver in a conventional configuration...
Advanced Installation Guide
This document describes how to manually install ExSite onto a web server...


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