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Event Management FAQ
You have three tools at your disposal: If you use the last option, the sortkey will order the fees in that one group, and the groups themselves will be ordered alphabetically...
Bilingual events
Events occur in the real world, so they do not support the same language-switching features that are used on your website...
Altering completed registrations
Sometimes attendees will forget to enroll themselves into activities, or will change their mind later about activities they want to attend...
Advanced Conference Setup Guide
data file, posted on Apr 30, 2018
Creating a New Event
data file, posted on Nov 24, 2017
Introduction to Event Management
[back to top] The Event Registrations package only manages your registrations...
Event Management
data file, posted on Nov 24, 2017
Calendar Module
The Event Calendar allows you to quickly add a calendar to your website...


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