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Tips & Tricks

Need an image for your site? (All browsers)

posted on 10:00 AM, September 14, 2012
Looking for an image to add to a page on your site, but can't afford an expensive stock photo? Here's a site filled with free stock photos: www.sxc.hu

Spreadsheets!! (All browsers)

posted on 9:54 AM, September 14, 2012
If you tried building a spreadsheet on a web page, you know how much work it is. And don't even try to copy and paste directly from Excel into out HTML editor. Instead, give this a shot: tableizer.journalistopia.com/

Having image issues? (All browsers)

posted on 9:52 AM, September 14, 2012
Have an image that needs resizing? Or that needs cropping? That needs some touchups? Don't own Photoshop? Our Photo Album upload tool will help you with some of these, but you can also use a free online service at www.befunky.com/create/. You won't believe what you can do.

Want to insert a video or a map on your site? (All browsers)

posted on 9:44 AM, September 14, 2012
Video: Upload your video to YouTube and obtain an embed code from their Share tool. Once you have that code, use our Snippet tool to insert in your page.
Map: Find your address on GoogleMaps or Bing Maps and then use the Link tool to obtain an embed code. Once you have that code, use our Snippet tool to insert in your page.

How big should I make the image? (Firefox + Chrome Only)

posted on 9:37 AM, September 14, 2012
Not sure what size the image you want inserted on your page should be? Download an add-on called Web Developer (available for Firefox and Chrome) which will let you draw a box on your page and let you know exactly how many pixels the image should be.

Looking for something? (All browsers)

posted on 9:35 AM, September 14, 2012
Having a hard time finding a specific word on a page? Try using Control + F and use your browsers built in search ability.