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SlideShow is an image viewer.  The images in a library are arranged in order, but shown one at a time, with links to go to the next image, previous image, and back to the start.  Image captions are also shown.

The images are ordered alphabetically by the image name.  You can change the image order by changing the names of the images.  (One common trick is to prefix each image name with a number, which makes it easier to adjust the ordering.)

The navigation links are normally text links, but SlideShow also supports nav buttons in four colours:  green, blue, black, and red.

When you select the SlideShow, the parameters field remains a simple text field.  You must enter your preferences in the format:  pref1=value&pref2=value&...  Options are:

 the name of the library to display 
1 or 0
whether to place a border around the image
title1 or 0 whether to place a title/heading on the page
button green, blue, black, or redgraphical button preference

AJAX Slideshows

The SlideShow plug-in works well in AJAX mode.  This causes the next image to be loaded without reloading the entire page, which is faster and smoother.  It works best if the images are all the same dimensions.

To switch over to AJAX mode, edit the plug-in tag in plain-text mode, and change the text:


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