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The Upload plug-in is a convenient tool for uploading files into libraries on your site.

It is most useful for uploading large files that would otherwise be rejected from the revision handling system due to their size.  (Note that if a file is too large, you should ask yourself if it really needs to be that big.  Large files are very unfriendly on the web, and people should not be subjected to them without a good reason.)

If you believe your reasons are sound, the Upload tool lets you bypass the file size limits of the revision handling tools, and write the file direct to disk.

Bugs & Issues

Because you are bypassing the revision handling tools, you lose some benefits of the CMS, such as:
  • you may not be able to roll back to this file if you overwrite it in the future
  • if you unpublish the library or web site, you will not be able to recover this file

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