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WebDB is the Database Manager, an application for browsing and managing your database records.  Because it affords you lots of power, including the ability to delete all of your data if you are careless, it is limited to system administrators only.

WebDB gives you three views of your data:
  1. overview of all tables in the database
  2. list of records from a particular table
  3. details of a particular record
View 2 may list all records from a table, or some subset of records resulting from a search or relation to another record in another table.

View 3 displays all columns and values of a record, but then also lists related records (in the format of view 2) from other tables in the database.

Actions/functions are accessed through small icons, and include:
  • list records in a table (lists are paginated)
  • search a table (you can search on various fields;  those records matching ALL of the data you enter will be returned)
  • create a new record
  • inspect a record
  • edit a record
  • copy a record
  • delete a record (all related [child] records below the deleted record will also be deleted.  Deleted records are moved to the ((Trash)).)

Bugs & Issues

If you edit your own login or password, you will no longer authenticate, and will be kicked out of the system, resulting in a "Permission Denied" message.  However, the update will have occurred.

If you delete publishable data (such as pages), the published versions will remain on disk.  It is best to remove publishable CMS data using the CMS tools, so that they are properly unpublished first.

Related Plug-ins

((Trash)), ((Query)).


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