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Financial Reports

The Financial Reports module allows you to generate summary reports of your e-commerce activity. This gives you a high-level view of your website's e-commerce activity. To view specific accounts, invoices, or payments, use the Payments module instead. (Account names and invoice numbers in Financial reports will link to the Payment module.)

All financial reports display summarized financial activity within a date range. The date range is preset to the previous 30 days, but can be set manually by entering your own date range. You can click on the date icons to pick dates from a calendar.


A sale or purchase is an invoice that has been issued to one of your customers. It has not necessarily been paid yet. We only include active invoices in these reports.

Revenues are actual payments that have been received from your customers.

Accounts are customers. Individual accounts may make numerous distinct purchases in a time period. The account balance is the difference between the purchases (debits) and payments (credits) on the account.

Report Types

  • Purchases & Payments
    This report summarizes each financial transaction known to the system. Transactions are either debits (receivables, ie. invoices issued) or credits (payments received). In the case of debits, the report also tries to break the purchase down into the various account codes so you can see in what areas the sales are occurring. Summary totals are given at the bottom of the report; the total debits are the total sales made, and the total credits are the total payments received. These may not balance perfectly if you received payments in the period for sales in an earlier period, or if you issued receivables in the period that were not paid in that period.

  • Sales (purchases only)
    This report displays sales only, ie. your receivables for the period. Sales are summarized, which means you see invoice totals, and account code subtotals only. Individual line items are not reported (although you can click the invoice number to view them). No payment information is included.

  • Itemized Sales
    Itemized sales breaks each sale down into its specific line items so that you can see in detail exactly what the individual charges were. It does not include any payment information.

  • Revenues (payments only)
    This report display all payments received in the time period. Payments are always associated with an account, and might also be associated with a particular invoice. However, some payments are not connected to an invoice (eg. a payment toward an outstanding account balance, which might related to several invoices).

  • Itemized revenues
    This report is similar to itemized sales, but we only report the line item if a payment was received on the invoice. The revenue reported will be accurate if the invoice was paid in full, but not if the payment was only a partial payment (since in that case we cannot tell which of the items should be considered paid or not), nor if payments were received on an account, but not applied directly to an invoice. It gives the best results for e-commerce payments, since those tend to be paid in full at the time of purchase.

  • Account Activity
    Account activity summarizes all purchases and payments made by each account that had activity in the time period. Individual purchases or invoice numbers are not shown, because there could be many in the given time period. The values show are subtotals of all invoices and payments in that time. An account credit is a payment from that account, and an account debit is a receivable due from that account. A negative balance, therefore, is an amount owing to you from the account holder.

  • Daily Summaries
    The daily summaries report shows subtotals of your sales (broken out by account code) and revenues for each day in the reporting period. The report also includes some charts to display this information graphically.

  • Monthly Summaries
    The monthly summaries report shows subtotals of your sales (broken out by account code) and revenues for each month in the reporting period. The report also includes some charts to display this information graphically.

Report Details and Options

When reports show specific invoice numbers or account names, those may be linked to the Payment module. You can use this to inspect account or invoice data in more detail. The Payment module will show everything that it knows about the invoice or account requested; it will ignore the parameters of the particular financial report you are viewing (such as the date range).

All reports are exportable to CSV or Excel format.


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