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Connex Email Manager

The Connex Module allows you to manage and maintain your domain's email accounts.  The main Connex screen shows all email addresses and forwards for your domain. You use this module to set-up new email addresses, email forwards, out of office messages, etc.

There are three types of Email Accounts:
    This is a general account in which mail can be accessed using either POP3 or IMAP connections. POP3 allows for simple retrieval of mail from an inbox, while IMAP is more sophisticated and allows the sharing of email folders between different computers and smartphones. With this type of account, you can also use Exware for outgoing email via authenticated SMTP, which is useful when using a laptop away from your home or office.

  2. POP/IMAP + webmail
    As above, but you can also get webmail access. If you do not require webmail, then for security reasons it is best not to enable it.

  3. Forward only
    Emails sent to this address are simply forwarded on to one or more addresses. This account type does not use a password and cannot be used for webmail or authenticated SMTP


You can modify an email address, it's account type, and/or its password by clicking on its "Edit" icon from the main screen.  To add or change forwards or autoresponders however, see below.

To remove an email address you can either click "Delete" from the main screen, or if you think you might ever change your mind, you can "Edit" it and change the status to "Suspended"

All email account types can have one or more forwards.

To add/edit/delete forwards for an existing address, click its "View" icon and that brings up the list of forwards. To add a forward - click the "New" icon, to edit a forward click the "Edit" icon, to delete a forward click the "Delete" icon.

All account types can have an autoresponder, used for "out of office" and other types of automatic replies. Autoresponders can be scheduled to turn on and off on set dates.

To add/edit/delete autoresponders for an address, click its "View" icon and that brings up the list of autoresponders. To add an autoresponder - click the "New" icon. Note that autoresponders are plain text messages and do not support HTML or other rich formatting. An autoresponder can be edited by clicking its "Edit" icon, and deleted by clicking its "Delete" icon.

Note: you can only add email addresses for the domain currently being managed by Connex. If you use Connex to manage multiple domains, then be sure you are in the correct one. If you manage multiple domains, you can switch between them by clicking the green "Home" icon.

To add a new email address,
  • go to the main Connex screen and click "Add Address" at the bottom.
  • enter the User Part of the email address  without the domain (for example,
  • the User Part of "" is "mary".
  • set it to "active" and choose the Account Type. If it is "forward only" then it does not need a password.
  • click "submit".
  • if you want to add forwards, then go back to the main screen and click the "View" icon for that address, and then start adding forwards.
Note: all changes will take roughly 5 minutes before going live.


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