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Members Module

The ExSite member manager tool allows you to create, modify, and delete member accounts for logging in to the members-only areas of your website.

Start the member manager tool, by clicking on the Members icon, which looks like this:

The members of your website(s) will be listed, with their name, login ID, and email address, and some control options. Click on the email address to send the member an e-mail.

To add a new member

Click on the new member button at the bottom of the member listing. You will be prompted to enter some basic information for the member, including a login ID, password, name, and email address. Only the login ID and password are required. The login ID must be unique in the system (don't worry, ExSite will tell you if it isn't), and the password must have a minimum number of characters before it will be accepted.

To edit/modify an existing member

Click on the edit button to the right of the member's info. The member's data will be displayed in a form that allows you to edit any/all of it, including setting a new password or login ID.

To delete a member

Click on the delete button to the right of the member's info. The member's records will be moved to the Trash, and may be recovered from there, if you made a mistake.


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