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Terms of Use

  1. This web site exists for the purposes of providing information to assist users of ExSite Webware.
  2. Information provided by this website is given without guarantee of accuracy or correctness.
  3. Information on this web site is provided without consideration to members of the general public.
  4. No warranty or contract for support is implied by offering this service to persons who register on this website for a login identity.  Support guarantees are provided only through a separate support contract with Exware Solutions Inc.
  5. The software described by this web site undergoes regular upgrades and new releases.  Documentation may not reflect the current release, nor the release that you are currently using.
  6. Software releases made available on this website:
    • are provided without warranty under the terms of the GPL.
    • may contain bugs, both known and unknown.
    • may not be the most current versions of the software that is available.
  7. This web site allows members of the public to participate in discussions regarding the software and its usage.  The owners of the web site are not responsible for information contained in those comments.
  8. You and only you are responsible for damage done to your systems and data as a result of following advice found on this web site.  Always proceed with caution and a current backup.
  9. Please be careful! There is no guarantee that any of the procedures or remedies posted on this site will work for you; they might even damage your site if you are not careful. Only you are responsible for ensuring that your site is backed up and recoverable. Users with Extended Support may be able to get assurances in this regard. Please review the website terms of service and the Extended Support page to understand what extended support you may be entitled to.


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