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Calendar Module


The Event Calendar allows you to quickly add a calendar to your website. Subsequently, whenever you add an event to the calendar using the Event Calendar, it will automatically update your website with the listing.

Visual Tutorials

Getting Started

Start the Calendar tool by clicking on the Calendar icon, which looks like this:

First you must choose which website you are working with, using the drop-down selector.

Event Selection

Once you have selected a website, a list of all of the events in that site appears on the left side. You will find three small icons next to each event listed. These are:

 Click on this icon to view the event listing.
 Click on this icon to edit the event listing.
Click on this event to deleted the event listing.

New Event

To create a new event, select the New Event icon () at the bottom of the list of events. The New Event screen looks like this:

Start filling in the pertinent information:

  • Start Date
    The start date of the event
  • End Date
    The end date of the event. Use the same date as the Start Date if one day event
  • Start Time
    Time the event begins.
  • End Time
    Time the event ends.
  • Event Name
    Name of the event ie: MS Ride
  • Type
    Select the type of event it is ie: banquet, conference, concert etc...
  • Place
    Location of the event
  • Host
    Host of the event
  • Brief Description
    Provide a one-line description of the event. This will be used in certain Calendar views on the website.
  • Full Text
    Provide the complete details and description of the event.
  • Brochure
    Here you have the option of attaching a PDF brochure of the event.
  • Image
    Here you have the option of attaching a image relating to the event ie: logo, venue photo etc...
  • More Info URL
    You have the option of including a URL link to the event website (if applicable)
  • Register URL
    You have the option of including a URL link to a separate registration website (if applicable)
  • Access
    Set the event to be Public or Member Only
Once all the information has been entered click on the Submit button.


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